Open the door to the next four years of your child’s life.

Selecting the best high school for your son or daughter is more than choosing a place with superior academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. It’s more than finding an environment that fosters positive personal development. It’s more than going where their friends go.

It’s ultimately about finding the best fit. Your child should love the school. The school should love your son or daughter.

And we hope that school is St. Mary’s.

We have a saying at St. Mary’s, “Once a Saint, always a Saint,” that captures the values of home, family and community that are so dear to us here. As your family begins this very important journey, I hope to demonstrate the importance of these principles. I hope you feel them when you walk our halls for the first time. And I hope to learn more about all of you throughout the process.

Thank you for the opportunity to know your family more closely. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Go Saints!

Dominic Lamolinara ‘10
Director of Admissions

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Ask as many questions as you’d like.

What about the high school placement test?

The HSPT is a standardized, timed test required of every 8th grader applying to attend a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. It contains five sections that measure verbal ability, quantitative ability, reading comprehension, mathematics, and components of written language. The questions are designed to test students at their curriculum level.

This assessment tool is used by high schools for admissions, scholarship selection, and course placement. Each high school has its own guidelines for evaluating applicants for admission, including performance on the HSPT. Students should contact the admissions department at their schools of choice with questions regarding the admissions process.

This year’s high school placement test will be held on December 8, 2018. Taking the test at St. Mary’s High School is highly encouraged. Please click on the following link to register. Note: If you currently attend St. John the Evangelist or St. Mary’s Middle School, you will test in your classroom on November 28th. You will need to register, see the unique section to register within the registration link above. You DO NOT need to register for December 8th.

What are the available shadow dates?

Scheduling your son or daughter for a “shadow” day is the best way to truly experience what it means to be a Saint. We highly encourage that each prospective student seize this unique opportunity to join our community.

The following dates are available for shadow days for 2018 (pending availability):

  • September 24, 26
  • October 1, 3, 8, 9, 11, 23, 24, 25, 31
  • November  8, 9, 15, 16, 27-29
  • December 10-13

Upon registering for a shadow day, you will receive a tentative itinerary via e-mail in addition to expectations for proper dress, behavior, etc.

What is the process for admissions?

St. Mary’s High School has an open admissions policy. All 8th graders and high school transfers (seniors excluded) are eligible for admission provided the following criteria is met:

  1. Submit the last three years (including your current year) of academic transcripts.
  2. Submit two recommendations from core subject instructors (e.g. math, science, language arts, etc.). Please click on the following link to download our required format.
  3. Take the high school placement test held on December 8, 2018. Taking the test at St. Mary’s High School is highly encouraged. Please click on the following link to register. Current St. Mary’s Middle School and St. John’s the Evangelist Students will be piloting the HSPT testing in their classrooms this year on November 28th. Please see special registration for this testing within the link above. Do not register for a weekend test date. *Transfers are not typically required to take the HSPT.
  4. Participate in a one-hour meeting (parent(s) and child) with the director of admissions (only required for transfer students).
  5. Verification of discipline and attendance records along with all standarized testing results to date.

Please note that if your child presently attends a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, your child will need to allow permission for St. Mary’s to receive their transcripts and recommendations via that school’s specific release form.

Please contact your school’s guidance counselor to receive this form.

When is the application due?

The admissions application for St. Mary’s High School is due on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 5pm. The application will become available on November 1st, 2018 along with financial aide and scholarships.

How much is tuition at St. Mary’s?

Tuition for 2018-2019 is $14,152 for Catholic families and $15,844 for non-Catholic families. Tuition typically increases annually at a rate of 2-4%.

Annual activity fees:

Freshmen $535

Sophomores $535

Juniors $1020

Seniors $1020

Books and iPad required. Uniforms additional.

Tuition paid in monthly installments from May-March.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, incoming freshmen may apply for scholarships. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer scholarships for transfer applicants or to students based on athletic achievements.

Please click this link to view information about our scholarships.

Scholarship Applications:
Redemptorist Scholarship Application – 2019-2020
Neumann Scholarship Application – 2019-2020
Saints Scholarship Application 2019-2020
Hezzy Howard Application 2019-2020

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! Families who feel that the tuition and educational fees may be a hardship on their family budget should apply for financial aid. Even if you think you may not qualify, we still encourage all families to apply as there are many factors affecting eligibility. Please click on the following link to apply for financial aid at St. Mary’s High School. You will be taken to a dedicated portal for registration. Financial aide portal will open on November 1st, 2018.


How is financial aid determined?

All financial aid is based purely upon need and calculated by an independent third-party system according to your family’s relevant income and expenses. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2018.

When is open house?

Open house is Sunday, November 4, 2018 from 2-5pm. Tours and presentations will begin at 2:00pm and 3:30pm.

This is an incredible opportunity to see our campus in action, meet faculty, coaches and staff. Even if you’ve attended a private tour, open house will offer an alternate perspective. The tour guides are student ambassadors, parents, alumni and faculty.

Do you accept transfers?

Yes! We gladly accept January semester transfer applicants no later than December 15, 2018. The second semester begins mid-January annually. We cannot accept mid-semester or senior-year transfers.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend St. Mary’s?

Not at all. We welcome all faiths and backgrounds to join our community.

Do you offer transportation?

Not yet. We are currently exploring options for bus transportation as we have students that travel more than 60 minutes to attend St. Mary’s. We try to facilitate carpooling between families as best we can (more than 65% of our students travel to school via carpool). Seniors have privileges to park on-site; early drivers can park easily in the surrounding neighborhoods at no charge.

Does St. Mary’s have a general website?

Of course! You’re only one click away: https://www.stmarysannapolis.org.

What if I have other questions?

Please click on the “chat” icon in the lower-right corner of this page to speak to someone in our admissions office immediately. You can always reach out to our director of admissions, Dominic Lamolinara, directly at dlamolinara@stmarysannapolis.org or (410) 990-4236.

If you are looking for admissions for grades K-8, please contact Marybeth Holzer at mholzer@stmarysannapolis.org.



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Enabling students to reach their potential in God’s image.

No matter where your family is on its faith journey, St. Mary’s High School is here to help your child explore who they are, strengthen their relationship with God and grow into who they are becoming. Our hope is that through guidance and a faith-based curriculum, we will empower your child to realize their own sense of community and integrate it into their daily lives through relevant experience. During their four years of theology studies, for example, all of our students are led to understand the foundations of faith and teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, all students attend monthly mass at St. Mary’s Church and begin and end each day in prayer.

St. Mary’s High School is blessed to enjoy an active campus ministry that guides our community to recognize Christ in others and to include God in our daily lives, regardless of our individual walks of faith. Our students find mentors and friends in the Redemptorist priests and our full-time campus minister, who plans retreats, liturgies, prayer and services projects and provides spiritual counseling. We also actively participate in many events such as World Youth Day, Catholic Heart Workcamp and March for Life.

The experienced, committed and talented faculty and staff of St. Mary’s High School takes pride in embracing every unique student, ultimately equipping them to lead lives of deeper meaning, belonging and service within the Catholic faith.

(click to download a PDF overview of our faith-based service program)



The pursuit of academic excellence and preparation for your child’s post-secondary education starts with six key areas.
  • Signature Programs

    We offer five unique academic programs designed for students with specific aptitude and achievement. For example, our newest offering - the St. Isidore Cyber Program - challenges high-performing students to pursue a rigorous academic curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With coursework that includes cyber literacy, cyber science and honors physics, the program also includes guaranteed field experience for students prior to starting their senior year.

    (click to download a PDF overview of CYBER)

  • Class Scheduling

    Instead of seven or eight classes per semester, we utilize a “block scheduling” format of only four 85-minute classes per day that is consistent with college life and often heralded by St. Mary’s alumni as among the most significant factors contributing to college success. Study takes on greater focus under this schedule, emphasizing not only the mastery of important information, but also the development of analytical thinking skills.

  • Technology Integration

    In addition to utilizing iPads to enhance the classroom experience, our campus is equipped with high-speed wireless internet, multimedia projectors and Apple TVs to facilitate learning. This integration of technology gives our students access to robust digital resources related to course material and enables out-of-classroom communication with teachers and peers.

  • Advanced Curriculum

    For those wishing to pursue a more challenging curriculum, we make available more than 35 honors and advanced placement courses to all St. Mary’s students beginning in their freshmen year. Some of these courses include honors and AP foreign language, statistics, calculus, chemistry, physics, microbiology, environmental science, biology, geography, US history, psychology, studio arts and countless others.

    (click to download a PDF overview)

  • Student Focus

    In 2018, our average student-teacher ratio was 15:1; the average class size was 22. With nearly 80% of all faculty members having earned advanced degrees in their subject areas of education, our teachers strive to challenge students of varying abilities and learning styles, tailoring their approach to the needs of both the class and the child.

  • College Guidance

    Our highly-trained counselors guide each student through improvement strategies, academic course selections, scheduling and standardized testing as they relate to the college enrollment process. During a student’s junior year, for example, they make certain that all students are informed of school visits by college representatives, as well as financial aid and scholarship application requirements. In 2018, 100% of all St. Mary’s High School seniors who applied to a two- or four-year institution were accepted, earning nearly $13 million in collective scholarships and grants.

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Your child doesn’t stop competing when the school day ends.

Consistent with the values of St. Mary’s High School, our athletic department is committed to excellence. And you won’t have to look very hard to find Saints on the field of play. More than 70% of our high school students compete in at least one of the following sports:
(click to download a PDF overview)

This fall, we are also incredibly excited to open a new 15,000-square-foot facility that will serve as a team house for all sports teams and students!

In addition to fully-equipped locker rooms for both male and female athletes, the team house will also feature a state-of-the-art strength facility, a highly-specialized training room and a large team meeting room with integrated technology to stream footage and review performance.

A very sincere thank you to the entire St. Mary’s community who contributed to the success of this project!




Award-winning theater, the “Wharton School of Annapolis” and more await.

Our fine arts program enables student artists and performers to succeed in a variety of endeavors including drama, music and the visual arts. These areas of artistic expression and study are actively cultivated, not only inside the classroom, but also outside the school community.

St. Mary’s students enrich their lives and the lives of others through the arts. Actors and actresses have the opportunity to showcase their talents with two drama productions per year. Vocalists and instrumentalists may perform during school liturgies or as part of St. Mary’s a cappella group, Nothing but Treble, which competes in the ICHSA and performs throughout Annapolis year-round.

Another example of a student-created initiative is “Startup Saints,” which was founded by a Class of 2020 student who wished to learn more about entrepreneurship in a fun, interactive and constructive environment. Inspired by reality TV show Shark Tank, four teams of students culminated months of coaching and development by “pitching” their business ideas to local dignitaries for charity and real seed money. The students learned a lot and it was very fun!

We offer more than 30 student-run clubs and activities for our students to join. If something doesn’t already exist, we encourage our students to start their own!

(click here to download a PDF overview)


Campus Life

The best way to learn why St. Mary’s is so special is to experience it for yourself.

Campus Life


The next four years of your child’s life now come with waterfront views.

Set in downtown Annapolis, we are blessed to have one of the city's most architecturally striking learning environments, with labs and classrooms adjacent to Spa Creek, an inlet of the Severn River.

In addition to academic buildings, we are also nestled against the historic St. Mary’s Church and Charles Carroll House and Garden.
(click to download a PDF campus map)



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